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Rock Music Linx


1. Steelheart- Never Let You Go:
Steelheart- Song: Never Let You Go
2. White Lion- Broken Heart:
White Lion- Song: Broken Heart
3. Ratt- You're In Love:
Ratt- Song: You're In Love
4. Ratt- Back For More:
Ratt- Song: Back For More
5. Europe- Rock the Night:
Europe- Song: Rock the Night
6. Europe- The Final Countdown:
Europe- Song: The Final Countdown
7. L.A. Guns- Never Enough:
L.A. Guns- Song: Never Enough
8. White Lion- Little Fighter:
White Lion- Song: Little Fighter
9. XYZ- Inside Out:
XYZ- Song: Inside Out
10. Winger- Can't Get Enough:
Winger- Song: Can't Get Enough
11. Skid Row- 18 and Life:
Skid Row- Song: 18 and Life
12. Metallica- Sanitarium:
Metallica- Song: Sanitarium
13. Damn Yankees- Come Again:
Damn Yankees- Song: Come Again
14. Whitesnake- In the Still of the Night:
Whitesnake- Song: In the Still of the Night
15. Scorpions- Rythmn of Love:
Scorpions- Song: Rythmn of Love
16. Winger- Headed For a Heartbreak:
Winger- Song: Headed For a Heartbreak
17. Warrant- Heaven:
Warrant- Song: Heaven
18. Def Leopard- Foolin':
Def Leopard- Song: Foolin'
19. Van Halen- When Its Love:
Van Halen- Song: When Its Love
20. Ratt- Round and Round:
Ratt- Song: Round and Round
21. Ratt- Lay It Down:
Ratt- Song: Lay It Down
22. Bullet Boys- Smooth Opinion:
Bullet Boys- Song: Smooth Opinion
23. Don Dokken- In My Dreams:
Don Dokken- Song: In My Dreams
24. Don Dokken- Into the Fire:
Don Dokken- Song: Into the Fire
25. Skid Row- I Remember You:
Skid Row- Song: I Remember You
26. Boston- Amanda:
Boston- Song: Amanda
27. Boston- We're Ready:
Boston- Song: We're Ready
28. Great White- House of Broken Love:
Great White- Song: House of Broken Love
29. Great White- Save Your Love:
Great White- Song: Save Your Love
30. Great White- Rock Me:
Great White- Song: Rock Me
31. Great White- Lady Red Light:
Great White- Song: Lady Red Light
32. Scorpions- Holiday:
Scorpions- Song: Holiday
33. Van Halen- Little Dreamer:
Van Halen- Song: Little Dreamer
34. Quiet Riot- Bang Your Head:
Quiet Riot- Song: Bang Your Head
35. Van Halen- Black and Blue:
Van Halen- Song: Black and Blue
36. Motley Crue- Kickstart My Heart:
Motley Crue- Song: Kickstart My Heart
37. Cindarella- Nobody's Fool:
Cindarella- Song: Nobody's Fool
38. Cindarella- Somebody Save Me:
Cindarella- Song: Somebody Save Me
39. Bad Company- Holy Water:
Bad Company- Song: Holy Water
40. Night Ranger- Don't Tell Me You Love Me:
Night Ranger- Song: Don't Tell Me You Love Me
41. Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams:
Green Day- Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
42. Don Dokken- Alone Again:
Don Dokken- Song: Alone Again
43. White Lion- Wait:
White Lion- Song: Wait
44. Slaughter- Fly to the Angels:
Slaughter- Song: Fly to the Angels
45. Scorpions- Still Lovin' You:
Scorpions- Song: Still Lovin' You
46. Boston- More Than a Feeling:
Boston- Song: More Than a Feeling
47. Motley Crue- Girls, Girls, Girls:
Motley Crue- Song: Girls, Girls, Girls
48. Scorpions- No One Like You:
Scorpions- Song: No One Like You
49. Dio- Rainbow In the Dark:
Dio- Song: Rainbow In the Dark
50. Van Halen- Top of the World:
Van Halen- Song: Top of the World
BEST OF 80'S ROCK AND ROLL/50 Video Continuous Playlist:
BEST OF 80'S ROCK AND ROLL/50 Video Continuous Playlist