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Music Linx Page- 8


701. Celine Dion- A New Day Has Come:
Celine Dion- Song: A New Day Has Come
702. Celine Dion- A New Day Has Come (Cloud Version):
Celine Dion- Song: A New Day Has Come (Cloud Version)
703. Peter Tosh- I Am That I Am:
Peter Tosh- Song: I Am That I Am
704. Peter Tosh- Rastafari Is:
Peter Tosh- Song: Rastafari Is
705. Dennis Brown- Promised Land:
Dennis Brown- Song: Promised Land
706. John Holt- Police In Helicopter:
John Holt- Song: Police in Helicopter
707. Steve Roach- The View From Here:
Steve Roach- Song: The View From Here
708. David Parsons- Tantra Dorje Ling:
David Parsons- Song: Tantra Dorje Ling
709. Tangerine Dream- Outland:
Tangerine Dream- Song: Outland
710. Tangerine Dream- Force Majeure:
Tangerine Dream- Song: Force Majeure
711. Tangerine Dream- Girl On The Stairs:
Tangerine Dream- Girl On The Stairs
712. Celine Dion- That's The Way It Is:
Celine Dion- Song: That's The Way It Is
713. Peter Tosh- Legalize It:
Peter Tosh- Song: Legalize It
714. Peter Tosh- Coming in Hot:
Peter Tosh- Song: Coming In Hot
715. Peter Tosh Mix:
Peter Tosh- Song: Peter Tosh Mix
716. Boston- Feeling Satisfied:
Boston- Song: Feeling Satisfied
717. Boston- Hitch a Ride:
Boston- Song: Hitch a Ride
718. White Lion- Broken Heart:
White Lion- Song: Broken Heart
719. Tears For Fears- Head Over Heels:
Tears For Fears- Song: Head Over Heels
720. Steel Heart- I'll Never Let You Go:
Steelheart- Song: I'll Never Let You Go
721. Motley Crue- Same ol' Situation:
Motley Crue- Song: Same Ol' Situation
722. Motley Crue- Girls, Girls, Girls:
Motley Crue- Song: Girls, Girls, Girls
723. Motley Crue- Home Sweet Home:
Motley Crue- Song: Home Sweet Home
724. Slaughter- Fly to the Angels:
Slaughter- Song: Fly to the Angels
725. Def Leopard- Love Bites:
Def Leopard- Song: Love Bites
726. Nirvana- Come As You Are:
Nirvana- Song: Come As You Are
727. Toto- Hold the Line:
Toto- Song: Hold the Line
728. REO Speedwagon- Keep On Lovin' You:
REO Speedwagon- Song: Keep On Lovin' You
729. REO Speedwagon- I Can't Fight This Feelin' Anymore:
REO Speedwagon- Song: I Can't Fight This Feelin' Anymore
730. Cutting Crew- I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight:
Cutting Crew- Song: I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
731. REO Speedwagon- Time For Me to Fly:
REO Speedwagon- Song: Time for Me to Fly
732. REO Speedwagon- Take It On The Run:
REO Speedwagon- Song: Take It On The Run
733. Heart- Alone:
Heart- Song: Alone
734. Heart- Never:
Heart- Song: Never
735. 38 Special- Rockin' Into the Night:
38 Special- Song: Rockin' Into The Night
736. 38 Special- Second Chance:
38 Special- Song: Second Chance
737. Saigon Kick- Love Is On The Way:
Saigon Kick- Song: Love Is On The Way
738. Don McLean- Starry, Starry Night:
Don McLean- Song: Starry, Starry Night
739. Loverboy- Take Me To The Top:
Loverboy- Song: Take Me To The Top
740. Loverboy- Its Over:
Loverboy- Song: Its Over
741. Loverboy- Workin' For the Weekend:
Loverboy- Song: Workin' For the Weekend
742. No Doubt: Underneath It All:
No Doubt- Song: Underneath It All
743. Gwen Stefani- Underneath It All:
Gwen Stefani- Song: Underneath It All
744. Gwen Stefani- Its My Life:
Gwen Stefani- Song: Its My Life
745. Journey- Don't Stop Believing:
Journey- Song: Don't Stop Believing
746. April Wine- Just Between You and Me:
April Wine- Song: Just Between You and Me
747. April Wine- Sign of the Gypsy Queen:
April Wine- Song: Sign of the Gypsy Queen
748. Ratt- You're In Love:
Ratt- Song: You're In Love
749. Ratt- Back For More:
Ratt- Song: Back For More
750. Peter Tosh- Bush Doctor:
Peter Tosh- Song: Bush Doctor
751. Firehouse- Don't Treat Me Bad:
Firehouse- Song: Don't Treat Me Bad
752. Firehouse- Love of a Lifetime:
Firehouse- Song: Love of a Lifetime
753. Europe- Rock The Night:
Europe- Song: Rock The Night
754. Steve Roach- Australian Dawn:
Steve Roach- Song: Australian dawn
755. Rudy Adrian- Starfields:
Rudy Adrian- Song: Starfields
756. Steve Roach - In the Heart of Distant Horizons:
Steve Roach- Song: In the Heart of Distant Horizons
757. Andrew Lahiff- Alien Space:
Andrew Lahiff- Song: Alien Space
758. Yes- Heart of the Sunrise:
Yes- Song: Heart of the Sunrise
759. Philip Wilkerson- Embraced:
Philip Wilkerson- Song: Embraced
760. The Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang:
The Pretenders- Song: Back On The Chain Gang
761. Eric Clapton- Layla:
Eric Clapton- Song: Layla
762. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Crimson and Clover:
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Song: Crimson and Clover
763. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- I Love Rock and Roll:
John Jett and the Blackhearts- Song: I Love Rock and Roll
764. Whitesnake- Here I Go Again:
Whitesnake- Song: Here I Go Again
765. Simple Minds- Don't You Forget About Me:
Simple Minds- Song: Don't You Forget About Me
766. Donnie Iris- Ah Leah:
Donnie Iris- Song: Ah Leah
767. Moody Blues- In Your Wildest Dreams:
Moody Blues- Song: In Your Wildest Dreams
768. Moody Blues- The Voice:
Moody Blues- Song: The Voice
769. Moody Blues- Nights In White Satin:
Moody Blues- Song: Night In White Satin
770. Moody Blues- Story In Your Eyes:
Moody Blues- Song: The Story In Your Eyes
771. Moody Blues- Isn't Life Strange:
Moody Blues- Song: Isn't Life Strange
772. Moody Blues- Voices in the Sky:
Moody Blues- Song: Voices in the Sky
773. Moody Blues- Lovely to See You Again:
Moody Blues- Song: Lovely to See You Again
774. Moody Blues- Tuesday Afternoon:
Moody Blues- Song: Tuesday Afternoon
775. Moody Blues- I Know You're Out There:
Moody Blues- Song: I Know You're Out There
776. Moody Blues- Watching and Waiting:
Moody Blues- Song: Watching and Waiting
777. Moody Blues- Legend of the Mind:
Moody Blues- Song: Legend of the Mind
778. Candlebox- Change:
Candlebox- Song: Change
779. Robert Rich- Lumin Part 1:
Robert Rich- Song: Lumin Part 1
780. Meg Bowles- Strange Rapids:
Meg Bowles- Song: Strange Rapids
781. Ancient Future- Asian Fusion:
Ancient Future- Song: Asian Fusion
782. Cheap Trick- The Flame:
Cheap Trick- Song: The Flame
783. Joan Baez- God is God:
Joan Baez- Song: God is God
784. Joan Baez- Just a Little Rain:
Joan Baez- Song: Just a Little Rain
785. Europe- Rock the Night:
Europe- Song: Rock the Night
786. Don Dokken- Breaking the Chains:
Don Dokken- Song: Breaking the Chains
787. Night Ranger- Don't Tell Me You Love Me:
Night Ranger- Song: Don't Tell Me You Love Me
788. Don Dokken- Its Not Love:
Don Dokken- Song: Its Not Love
789. Iasos- Realms of Light:
Iasos- Song: Realms of Light
790. Klaus Schulze- Stardancer II:
Klaus Schulze- Stardancer II
791. Michael Sterns- The Grand Design:
Michael Sterns- Song: The Grand Design
792. Pat Benatar- Shadows of the Night:
Pat Benatar- Song: Shadows of the Night
793. Pat Benatar- Heartbreaker:
Pat Benatar- Song: Heartbreaker
794. Yes- Changes:
Yes- Song: Changes
795. Jefferson Starship- We Built This City on Rock and Roll:
Jefferson Starship- Song: We Built This City on Rock and Roll
796. Danger Danger- Naughty Naughty:
Danger, Danger- Song: Naughty, Naughty
797. Wings/Paul McCartney- Maybe I'm Amazed:
Wings/Paul McCartney- Song: Maybe I'm Amazed
798. Haddaway- What is Love?:
Haddaway- Song: What is Love?
799. Paul McCartney- Uncle Albert:
Paul McCartney- Song: Uncle Albert
800. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young- Ohio:
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young- Song: Ohio